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Board and Train

*Pricing is dependent on the length of the board and train

Board and Trains are an intensive behaviour modification program that involves the dog living with the trainer. The program is a minimum of 3 weeks and can be longer depending on the dog’s learning history, behaviour assessment, training goals and age.

During the board and train, we focus permission-based training while fostering a calm state of mind, teaching obedience, reaching outlined goals (i.e: socialization, confidence building, off leash reliability) and addressing behaviour concerns (i.e: counter surfing, jumping, leash pulling, excessive barking). The dog will learn to live a more structured lifestyle with boundaries and rules that are established through clear and consistent communication.

Owners are required to participate in multiple training sessions throughout the board and train, where they will learn how to maintain their dog’s new lifestyle and training after they go home. We focus on utilizing and fitting tools properly, maintaining clear communication and establishing boundaries. These guidelines and rules are needed to help establish relevancy and build a healthier and more balanced relationship with their dog; it will set them up for long-term success.

Following the dog’s Board and Train, to ensure the dog’s new lifestyle and skills are maintained and successful across multiple people, environments and distractions, the owners are expected to implement a 90-day bootcamp with their dog. A go-home package and follow up refresher training sessions will be provided for support if the owners are maintaining the training and following our guidelines. This program requires a lot of hard work and permanent changes in how you lead, interact, and live with your dog on a daily basis.


Please note: ALL adult members in the household must attend each training session, including the go-home transition session. This program, like ALL training, requires a lifelong commitment for every member of the household to be consistence. Any inconsistencies in leadership WILL cause your dog to regress after our training program. We only accept and work with owners who are eager to learn and will put the hard work in to be successful with their dog.

Board and Train Programs are individualized to best support the dog and reach the owner’s goals. The length and program are developed based on the dog’s behaviour assessment and outlined goals.

Each Program Includes:
  • Daily structured walks

  • Daily active and passive training sessions

  • Daily socialization (dogs, people and environmental

  • Field trips (public places and stores)

  • Hikes

  • Touch base training sessions

  • Go-home training session

  • Follow up training sessions

Black Dog
Tools We Use:

Tools vary based on the dog’s program and must be purchased by the owner prior to drop-off​.

Puppy Board and Train

3 Weeks

Puppy Board & Train

The first year of a puppy's life is incredibly important for establishing clear rules, boundaries and restrictions of their new world and building the foundation of who they will become as an adult dog. Let Happy Paws help train your new puppy and guide you on the proper approach by establishing clear communication, trust, training and accountability. The program focuses are on:

  • Loose-Leash Walking

  • Sit and Down

  • Place Training

  • Basic Manners

  • Crate Training

  • Nail Clipping Exercises

  • Go-home training

  • 1 follow up training session

Refresher Board and Train

1-2 Weeks

Happy Paws offers  1-2 week Refresher Program to our alumni and clients who have gone through one of our Board and Train programs. This is great for an overall tune up or to deal with any new issues that may have come up.​

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