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Happy Paws Club: Structured Doggy Daycare

Operating Days: Tuesdays & Wednesdays
Operating Hours: 7am-6pm
Drop Off: 7am to 9am
Pick Up: 3pm to 6pm
Location: 675516 Hurontario St, Mono

Individual visits: $60 
*All prices are subject to HST



Our Happy Paws Club program offers a variety of structured activities for your dog so they are stimulated both mentally and physically. Whether your dog is unable to attend a "traditional" doggy daycare or you just want support with their training and fulfillment, this is the perfect program to drop them off at while you're working. This includes:


  • Obedience training

  • Walk/Agility (Agility replaces the walk during agility season)

  • Play with our trainers

  • Enrichment activities (food puzzles, trick training, etc.)

  • Sport Training (agility, scent work, etc.)

  • Exercise (doggy gym: treadmill, sport conditioning, etc.)

  • Calm co-existence around other dogs

  • Optional 1-on-1 dog play IF there is a suitable playmate

Want to make their day even more enjoyable? Select from our awesome add-ons:

1HR Personalized Private Intensive Training with Tanya Add-On:


Training at the facility for behavioural issues, calm state of mind, in-depth sport training (scent work, agility, sport conditioning, etc) off leash, advancing obedience, etc. $20


1HR Personalized Private Intensive Training with Tanya Add-On:


In town training for exposure, store visits, leash manners, reactivity, high traffic areas, etc. $40

1HR Private Hike Add-On:

Get your dog into nature, allowing them to blaze through a local trail while engaging their nose $20


20 Minute Reiki Healing Add-On:

Reiki is an energy healing practice with incredible benefits which includes; stress relief, emotional support and healing, physical healing (illness, injury, post surgery, etc), relieves pain and discomfort, strengthens the immune system, provides comfort and calm and promotes overall health and wellness. $20


*An assessment isn't needed to attend this program - dogs playing together is optional
*Optional 1-on-1 dog play IF there is a suitable playmate an
d they have passed our assessment to play with other dogs. 

Limited spots, pre-payment required to reserve 

All bookings are final - no credits or refunds

  • Dog(s) must be 5 months or older

  • Dog(s) must wear a secure flat collar during their visits

  • Dog(s) must be up to date on vaccinations - records must be provided

  • Dog(s) must be crate trained as we practice rest in crates

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