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Day Train Bootcamp

$100 plus HST per day
Location: 675516 Hurontario St, Mono

Operating days: Thursdays

Operating hours: 7am - 6pm

*No pick-ups between 10am - 3pm*

Day train bootcamp is a small group custom intensive training program that allows us to efficiently do the “heavy lifting” of laying the foundational work for your training goals. Training goals can be absolutely anything (i.e – leash reactivity, basic obedience, public manners, walks, calm state of mind training, getting in and out of the car, recall, etc) as we make a custom program for you and your dog. Small groups give us instant exposure to other dogs, which allows us to effectively tackle goals like:


  • Over arousal/excitement 

  • Reactivity 

  • Calm co-existence around other dogs

  • Focused training around other dogs

*Depending on your goals, we may include social play or field trips to public spaces/stores. 


You will be supported on your training journey through training notes and videos.  


​*This program is NOT suitable for aggressive dogs.

Please note: we may recommend multiple day sessions based off your training goals, it is your decision to follow our program length recommendations

Full payment required to book

All bookings are final, non-refundable

  • Dog(s) must be 6 months and older

  • Dog(s) must be up to date on vaccinations

  • Dog(s) must be crate trained as we practice rest in crates

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