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Lifestyle Training

$200  plus HST - 4 weeks
Group Class
Location: 675516 Hurontario St, Mono & Field Trips

This class is for those who want their dog trained to fit their lifestyle. You will learn how to successfully navigate public outings with your dog without the worry of embarrassment or chaos.

In town walk training

Store training

Patio training

*Field trips surrounding Orangeville and Shelburne will happen during this class.

Upcoming Classes:
May 7, 14, 21 & 28 at 7pm

Registration required - limited spaces available
Full payment required to book

 Classes are non-refundable, a credit can be issued for a future class up to 3 weeks prior to the start date of your registered class.

  • Dog(s) must be 6 months or older

  • Dog(s) must be up to date on vaccinations

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