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Private Healing Sessions

45 min session - $20 plus HST
Location: 675516 Hurontario St, Mono

Do you have a reactive, anxious, fearful dog or just want a private experience? No problem, we can provide you and your dog with the same amazing holistic healing experience in a private session.

We will guide you and your dog through a transformative experience of relaxation, stress relief and connection through guided meditation and the soothing vibrations of crystal singing bowls. 

During this session, your dog (and you) will have the opportunity to experience the powerful healing properties of crystal singing bowls, known for their ability to balance energy, promote emotional well-being, and enhance spiritual awareness. As the sound waves penetrate every cell of your body, you'll be guided to release stress, quiet the mind, and connect with your inner self and dog.

Sessions include:

Oracle cards

Setting intentions

Guided meditation

Sound bowl healing


Meditation and sound healing promotes:


Reduces anxiety



Mood improvement

Energy reset

Healing emotionally and physically



Please bring:

A well EXERCISED dog

Pre-payment required to reserve. 

All bookings are final - no credits or refunds

  • Dog(s) must be up to date on vaccinations - records must be provided

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