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Strawberry Yak Chew- XL, sold individually


Here is a classic with a twist, now infused with the sweet and enticing flavour of ripe strawberries. Yak chews are long-lasting and satisfying, perfect for dogs who love to chew! Made using traditional methods of the people of Nepal, these long-lasting chews are high in protein, low in fat, and are gluten-free!


Quick Tip: when Yak chew pieces get smaller, put them in the microwave for 10 seconds! After it cools down, your pup will have a puffed up, cheesy treat!

• air dried
• chemical/preservative free
• gluten-free


• For optimal freshness, keep product in the sealed bag provided or airtight container of your choice

• Store treats in a cool, dark & dry place

• Always supervise your pet when feeding

Strawberry Yak Chew - XL

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