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Tools We Use

At Happy Paws we strongly believe that every dog is unique and tailor each program and approach to effectively change each individual dog’s behaviour. One size does NOT fit all. We recognize the importance of utilizing all of the tools in the dog training toolbox, but strive to reach realistic goals by taking on the least intrusive, most effective approach based on the dog’s assessment and progress.

Elevated Bed Cot

An elevated cot is used as a household management tool that teaches the dog impulse control and establishes a boundary. It is also a calming tool that teaches over-aroused dogs how to “turn-off” and provides a predictable and safe space for anxious, and fearful dogs to relax within the home.


A crate is used as a calming tool to create a "den-like" space where dogs can learn to self-soothe and be alone. It is also used as a safety and household management tool to ensure that dogs do not make poor choices (i.e., property destruction, eating inedible objects) when they are not under direct supervision. Your dog’s crate should only be big enough that your dog can sit up comfortably, lay down and turn around.


Food is used as a motivational tool to shape and reward desirable behaviours. It is also a prompting tool that is used for luring the dog into various positions. If your dog is currently on a kibble diet, their daily amount will be portioned across the day with a mix of treats to motivate them and teach new behaviours.

Slip Lead

Slip leads are a combination of a leash and a collar in one easy-to-use design, making it the most versatile of all leads. They can also be easily turned into a head harness or a body harness with just a few small adjustments. Slip leads are unique in that they are designed to tighten under tension and release as soon as the tension is gone. Not only are they practical and simple to use, they are also one of the most important tools in a trainer’s arsenal.

Prong Collar (Herm Sprenger)

A prong collar is used as a directional prompting tool to guide the dog using a language they understand, pressure and release! Compared to flat collars and martingale collars that can actually cause a lot of harm to the dog’s trachea, prong collars gives an even ‘hug’ around the dog’s entire neck instead of direct pressure in one spot.

E-Collar (Mini Educator)

An E-Collar is a prompting tool that uses similar technology as a TENS unit to provide discreet prompts through pressure and release of muscle stimulation on the dog's neck. After the dog is taught pressure and release using the prong collar, we overlap with low level e-collar pressure to help the dog understand what we want. This is also a safety tool ('invisible leash') that allows you to communicate with your dog up to 1/2 mile away. E-collars are an essential tool for achieving off-leash obedience and reliability. 

We acknowledge the many negative perceptions about the e-collar, but invite you to be open minded about the innovative technology and endless opportunities proper e-collar training provides.

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