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Canine Relaxation Massage

30 - 45 minute massage - $40 plus HST
Add-on option to services (i.e- daycare, bootcamp, etc)- $20 for 30 minutes
Contact us to book
Location: 675516 Hurontario St, Mono

Massage is beneficial for all dogs whether they are a working athlete, a senior or a puppy who are just getting used to being handled and touched all over. Massage helps create a calm response to being touched, and the emotional benefits for excitable, or anxious dogs are tremendous.  

Canine massage is great way to keep your dog's muscles healthy and relaxed for optimal performance. Massage helps to relieve the muscles of lactic acid and toxins, and to help decrease muscle soreness, and maintain elasticity and flexibility. Massage alleviates tension in the canine that may be imposed on the body from strenuous workouts, or even from day to day emotional stressors. 

Massage allows the body to recover from workouts faster, and can help to improve circulation, and lymphatic drainage, it boosts the immune response in the body, and reduces inflammation and can alleviate joint pain. 

Along with regular Veterinary care, therapeutic massage can help your pet live a longer, healthier life.

Some amazing benefits to canine massage:
-Improves blood flow
-Releases muscle tension
-Alleviates muscle spasms
-Improves mobility and flexibility
-Influences the body's natural healing process
-Improves performance in sport/working dogs
-Reduces stress and anxiety
-Relieves muscle stiffness
-Injury prevention
-Helps with pain management 
-Improves muscle tone
-Improves circulation and lymphatic flow
-Reduces inflammation
-Slows down muscle atrophy


  • Dog(s) must be up to date on vaccinations - records must be provided

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