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Client Testimonials

Cannoli is a high energy, easily distracted 15 month old puppy. With Tanya’s help with training and additional walks Cannoli and I we are starting to turn the corner and moving towards enjoying our walks together.  Her insight into his behaviour and guidance on training is invaluable. Thanks Tanya you are awesome!

Tanya has been amazing with our 10 month old pup Dolly since we started having her do check ins and walks in October. It has relieved a lot of stress on my end knowing that Dolly has been in great hands. Tanya doesn’t just come to feed and let Dolly out, but she truly takes the time to understand the relationship that you want with your dog and the psychology behind your dogs behaviour. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for help with training, with building stronger bonds with your pup and with someone who who will love your dog just as much as you do!

I want to thank you Tanya for all of your assistance with providing me the guidance and tools to socialize my pup Gelato with people. As a result of Covid Gelato was very unsure of people and very nervous to be introduced to new people. The tools you showed me with things like “place” and taking him to stores for training have worked so well and I am very, very proud of how far he has come. All this to say is… if your puppy is suffering socialization due to Covid or other factors, please help your pup and reach out to Tanya at Happy Paws

Tanya provides an amazing personal dog training service. You can tell she loves the field she is in. I messaged Tanya regarding my dogs behaviour and she answered right away. She gave me the breakdown as to the issues we can focus on, and even better, in my own home setting. The first time we met, Tanya sat me down and showed me all about dog psychology. We went over my dogs issues and right away she had solutions for the items I was struggling with. My dog struggled severely with anxiety, leash walking and whining. I took the 5 week training course and over the 5 weeks my dog was a whole new dog. Tanya helped me right away with tools that effectively worked for my dog. After only the second session, my dog was walking next to me on the leash and no longer walking me. Tanya’s training not only helped my dog, but helped me become more educated. When Tanya wasn’t around and I needed advice, I could text her and she would answer right away and help me out, she goes above and beyond with her work. After the training is done for the day, Tanya would send me homework for the week to work on with my dog, which was very helpful when you obtain so much information, it’s a lot to remember. I would highly recommend Tanya for her work. My dogs and I appreciate everything you’ve done for you. We look forward to seeing you in our future social classes. 

We happily welcomed a puppy into our lives during the pandemic, but boy we weren’t prepared for this bundle of energy! We started training Reese right when we got her home and things were going well with basic training. Then we realized we needed some support in dog walking and reached out to Tanya. After she started walking Reese we also asked her for training help. We needed some additional motivation to keep the training going and knowing what to do next. Tanya’s help with stopping pulling during walks and with calming Reese when in the house with “place” has allowed us to really enjoy our time with our pup.
We also had our first week of the social club and we were so happy to see how well Reese interacted with the other dogs. We were also so excited to see she remembered her “place” command even when distracted by other dogs. Our little bundle of energy must have played herself out because she came home and had some great Sunday afternoon naps! Can’t wait for next Happy Paws social club day!

Kona has been going to doggie social since beginning of January. She absolutely loves it, gives me peace of mind that Tanya knows how to properly socialize dogs and can redirect if needed before a problem arises. We also decided to enroll Kona in private training, we are 3 classes in and we have seen an amazing transformation in Kona. The chateau family would highly recommend all your training needs with Tanya.

Tanya is amazing with both our dogs. She implements commands and training during her walks with them to be consistent with training I have also put into them. She is very trustworthy and excellent with communicating with me on how her visits went. My dogs love her so much and she even takes the time to say hello to our cats when she stops in

Tanya has been so amazing with my two dogs, especially with the transition of bringing home the new puppy. Social play and obedience training has been amazing for the both of them, and Tanya is always SO welcoming, educated and caring. We love Happy Paws!

Tanya and her staff are great. Ace loves going to his weekend social club and is tired for days. It has really helped him learn how to play well with dogs and has made play dates outside of happy paws much better.

Looking forward to his doggy daycare this summer!

We recently decided to send our newly adopted rescue puppy to doggy daycare. After a LOT of searching, we found Happy Paws and reached out to set up an assessment for our girl. I was a little nervous because Rue has never been around more than one dog at a time and I was worried how she would react. Tanya was very patient on the phone with me and answered all of my questions with ease and really put my mind to rest. When we dropped Rue off for her assessment and social club play time, Tanya and Kaitlyn were not only super friendly, but really excited to meet Rue too! You can tell that they both really love their jobs and these dogs. Rue had the BEST time and is so tired she has been sleeping since we got home!! We are so excited to be a part of the Happy Paws family and can’t wait to get Rue in for another visit.

My big boy Brutus has so far taken 2 courses with Happy Paws, obedience 101 and intermediate obedience. We are very happy with the clean facility, the direction, and the layout of the classes. We also love the personal care that we receive from the team, Tanya is amazing and will take the time to answer all your questions. We will definitely be taking more classes. I’m especially excited for agility and scent work! We highly recommend this school to everybody, puppy and/or older dogs.

HIGHLY recommend! 10,000!

We have Happy Paws come for a walk with Reese and visit for Spencer and it's the best thing - well worth the money!

I was so unsettled about leaving them when going back to work. With Reese being a high energy pup and now alone daily and with Spencer's old age... this has eased my mind more than I can express. I know they are both taken care of and trust them beyond words!

Thank you Happy Paws!

Tanya and Kaitlyn are the best!!! I enrolled Tucker who was fearful of everything and every new situation into Happy Paws Boot Camp for 2 weeks. I was and am still amazed and how well Tucker did with new situations, walking , meeting people and dogs.

I would completely 100% recommend Happy Paws. Tucker and I will go in the pack walks and try a social club now that he has been introduced and played with other dogs!!!!

We work on his commands and other training daily, he is a much more confident dog!!!

We have been using Tanya’s services since February. Tanya is so welcoming and provide a judgment free facility. We just finished a 4 week monthly membership class and it was absolutely amazing. I have learned so much about how to properly handle and train Ace and it has made our relationship so much better. I feel confident bringing Ace places and around other dogs with everything we have learned. Ace now has a very structured routine which is necessary for such a large, strong dog. Ace is my baby and I am very hesitant to send him anywhere. I feel very comfortable with Tanya, she 100% the only person I will ever trust to care for Ace and I will always know he will be in the best care. I have seen first hand Tanya treat the dogs as if they are her own and that speaks a lot about who she is a trainer and a person. I would recommend not only this class but any service that is offered. I recommend Tanya and Happy Paws every chance I get. Anyone who uses Happy Paws will NOT be disappointed!

The Happy Paws team has changed the lives of myself and my rescue dog Indie. Tanya is patient and listens to the needs of our lifestyle. She has helped us build as a team and taught me how to help Indie navigate the world in a more calm way. We’ve had both private, boot camp sessions and participated in group activities. The team ensures that all activities are set up with both owners and dogs needs in mind. There’s no question too small to ask, because Tanya will always take the time to answer it to help empower both the dog and the owner. We will forever be a part of the Happy Paws family.

Thank goodness I found Happy Paws!! Tanya has been an asset in every aspect of who my dog has become. We got a puppy during my mum's illness and didn't have the time to train her properly. We signed up for a week of one on one training and oh my goodness, it was the best decision ever!! We couldn't believe the change in just one week. And we didn't stop there, we signed her up for structured doggy camp once a week from then on and our little Morkie just loves it. Tanya is the very best at what she does. And because of her and her assistant Taylor, we have a much better behaved dog. She's turning out to be everything we wanted in a dog and more!! I highly recommend Tanya and her team, they go above and beyond!! Thank you Happy Paws for everything you have done and continue to do for our guys truly are the best!!

Happy Paws, under the exceptional guidance of Tanya, deserves nothing less than a 5-star review. Their daycare and boot camp services have been a game-changer for my dog. Tanya’s expertise and her team’s dedication to each pup’s well-being are truly remarkable. The transformation in my dog’s behavior and happiness is a testament to their outstanding services. I highly recommend Happy Paws to every dog owner seeking the best training and care for their furry friends!

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